Joel Horst

My name is Joel Horst, and I’m 28. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, endeavoring to follow His leading and call on my life, however radical that call may be.

My background includes being raised Mennonite until age 14; homeschooling in ATI; conservative values; no college education.

But lest you think that you can put me in a box, let me assure you that God has been busy breaking my boxes and setting me free to follow Him. I no longer espouse Mennonite values; no longer call myself a Mennonite; in fact, I refuse to be associated with Anabaptism at all.

Nor am I a conservative, either. The more I learn about conservatism, the less I want to be conservative. I am not a liberal or a moderate; I am a follower of Jesus. If that means siding with conservatives on some issue, so be it. If that means siding with liberals on some issue, so be it. But there’s a good chance that it means that I don’t side with anybody, liberal or conservative.

My ATI background means that I end up talking, sometimes, about Bill Gothard, the founder of that organization, or other facets of the conservative homeschool movement.

My Beliefs

My statement of faith is rather simple:

  • If God says it, I believe it.
  • If the New Testament commands me to do it, I do it.
  • If the New Testament commands me not to do it, I don’t do it.
  • If the New Testament is silent on it, I do not make a dogmatic stance about it.

This means that I actually believe many things that people will try to excuse, explain away or simply disobey. There are other things that people believe to be necessary that are not in Scripture, but they think that I ought to follow them. However, I find that Jesus has given us enough commands already, and we don’t need to add to them.

This is the long version of my statement of beliefs:
A List of God’s Commands in the New Testament

About This Blog

My purpose with this blog is to encourage and exhort you as we follow Jesus together; to share things that God teaches me; to call out and rebuke sin within the church; and to write about what is on my heart.

For the reason why this blog is called “A Radical for Jesus”, visit this page.

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  1. I am enjoying your thoughts and plan to read more of them. You sound like a true Christ follower and one who desires to be all that God created him to be.

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